The Benefits of a Virtual Law Office

Technology has considerably impacted the way business conducts in modern society. The rapid growth of implementation of new technology into everyday life has created a need for present-day business structures to adapt to growing trends that focus on convenience and efficiency when providing services to consumers. This shift has been a long time coming and accelerated due to the COVID 19 pandemic, which exposed a need for virtual services in all business fields. Law firms are no exception, and the lack of virtual accessibility can make it difficult for clients to contact their attorney, review case documents and status updates, and make payments.

Law firms have primarily focused on in-person meetings with clients, which require a commute, potential delay in waiting rooms, and for the client to designate a portion of their schedule for this proceeding. While this may be a straightforward option for the attorney, it can cause hardship for the client. This issue is where technology can play a vital role in allowing the client to meet with their attorney from the comfort of any location. Virtual meetings do not require a commute or waiting times. Once you schedule the conference with the attorney, you may access the conference using your electronic advice from any location. Meeting reminders are sent to assure that both parties are aware of the specified date and time for the meeting. The virtual aspect also allows the client to travel elsewhere and complete other tasks while preparing for the meeting.

Once the virtual meeting begins, the attorney and client can communicate, share documents, provide electronic signatures, and make payments from the comfort of an electronic device. Secure portals allow for document sharing, electronic signatures, and payment collection. These portals also allow the client access to their documents and case updates from their electronic device. The attorney will be able to send contracts, engagement letters, and fee agreements for a client to review and sign, all through the use of a virtual portal. This process not only cuts back on time but also allows the client to review and sign documents without going through the act of printing physical copies. The client can review billing invoices, inquire as to charges, and make convenient payments via the use of a secure virtual portal.

Law firms are seeing the need to incorporate virtual aspects to their operations to provide convenience and accessibility for clients. Technology is increasing in production and pace, and the ability for modern businesses to keep up with these changes is becoming crucial. To consult with a virtual criminal defense attorney about your case, click “here” to contact Admir Jusic Law, P.A.