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Virtual Consultations

Click the Free Consultation section to set up a virtual consultation at no charge to you. This will prompt you to enter your contact information and a brief summary of what will be discussed. Upon completion, you will be emailed a confirmation of your consultation, which will include a Zoom link for our meeting on the specified date and time. You may access this meeting using your cell phone, computer, or any other device that allows for webcam use.

If you would rather have the consultation via telephone, simply state that in the description portion of the intake form.

The goal of virtual consultations is efficiency and convenience. You will have access to ADMIR JUSIC LAW, P.A. without having to commute.

Virtual Integration

ADMIR JUSIC LAW, P.A. strives to provide overall accessibility and convenience to all clients by incorporating technology into all aspects of the law office. Clients will have access to digital documents, which they will be able to view, complete, sign, and submit online. Documents can be signed via the use of electronic signatures. All documents are securely provided to the client through the use of secure portals, which will be sent and accessed via email. If requested, physical copies of all documents will also be provided to the client.

The use of technology allows for clients to have quicker and more convenient access to Mr. Jusic. ADMIR JUSIC LAW, P.A. is constantly staying up to date with new online features that will improve the operations of the firm and will provide a better overall experience for clients. Providing modern solutions for present-day problems.

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